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Mins Studio Angel Lovers ID Card Holder

Mins Studio Angel Lovers ID Card Holder

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Display two of your favorite ID photos with this card holder! It has two small compartments to accommodate two ID photos and one large compartment that accommodates one ID photocard.


Size: * 6.5x 11.5 cm * Fits 2 standard-sized ID photos (32 x 42 mm) and 1 standard-sized ID photocard (55 x 85 mm)

* Comes with 1 white ball chain

* Made from PVC PLEASE NOTE: Each order comes with one card holder and one ball chain only and does not come with any of the photocards or accessories shown in the photos. * Some dust and other particles may be present due to the manufacturing process, but it can easily be wiped away

* The cardholder may contain some wrinkles/small indents

* The characteristics stated above do not result in a defective product, so a refund/exchange will not be accepted due to this!

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