Shipping Info

What is the processing time?

 4-7 Business Days 

*Under various circumstances, processing time can take longer than expected. For instance, you selected stamps and the shop ended up running out of stamps. Please know that shipping can take longer as I need to restock on stamps.

How long will it take for my package to arrive to me?

USA: Stamped 1-4 weeks to arrive. Tracked 2-5 Days 

WW: Stamped  Can take roughly 5-8 weeks to arrive.


Stamp does  not have tracking.

The shop is based in NY. A stamped package shipped to California will take longer to arrive than shipping to someone in New Jersey.


What qualifies for stamped shipping?

Stickers and postcards only! 

What if I selected stamped, but added items that is meant for tracked shipping only?

If you added items that do not qualify for stamped shipping, you will be charged the difference. In addition, you may be charged a small fee of 30 cents if you have a long and consistent history of selecting the wrong shipping method. 

If you would simply like to remove the non-qualifying item from your order to have your item be sent out using stamped, please contact the shop with the order number and the name of the item you would like removed. 

What's the max amount of items allowed for stamped?

USA: A rough estimate is 10 stickers or postcards. This can vary depending on the size of the items you want to order. In certain cases, order might not qualify for stamped mail even if it's under 10 items due to weight and size. Feel free to contact the shop if you would like more clarification. 

Worldwide: There are 2 options for WW stamped mail. 

Option 1: A rough estimate is 10 stickers or postcards. This can vary depending on the size of the items you want to order. In certain cases, order might not qualify for stamped mail even if it's under 10 items due to weight and size.

Around 10 individual stickers or postcards. Shipped in 1 envelope.

Option 2: Around 10-20 individual stickers or postcard. Shipped in 2 separate envelope. 

NOTE: If it is a set or pack, it is not considered one item, but whatever amount is inside.  EX: Set contains 2 full-sized stickers. It is considered 2 individual stickers. Can roughly add up to 8 other items. The exception are sticker flakes as they are smaller in size. 

 I ordered some items using stamped shipping. What does it mean when it says my order is fulfilled?

For stamped orders, fulfilled means your item has been package inside an envelope. It does not mean it's been dropped off. It's either dropped off on the same day or can take a few days. Like stamped orders, tracked orders being fulfilled means that the order has been package and awaiting drop-off. However, tracked orders can track when it's dropped off at the USPS.

Is there a tracked shipping option for WW?

Yes upon request.

PLEASE KNOW that there may custom,duty,taxes charges on your package. Please check your country law. The shop is not responsible for these charges. 

Do you accept returns?


What happen if package got stolen?
Asterliastudio by Sonya is not responsible for any damaged, stolen or lost mail. No help will be given if mail happens to be stolen. Please file a police report.  

What happened if package got lost?
Asterliastudio by Sonya is not responsible for lost mail, but please contact the shop if you believe your mail to be lost. Please know that generally standard tracked mail comes with insurance of $100 USD. This does not include shipping cost. If you would like insurance beyond that, please contact the shop. 

Furthermore, I would advise contacting USPS as well. If you selected track and suspect your package is lost (has not arrived after 15 days since it was dropped off at USPS), please contact them and explain your situation.

Please know that stamped mail assistance will be more limited due to lack of tracking method and eligibility of insurance. 

It is harder to help stamped mail due to the lack of tracking method. If your area is known to have lost mail, please select track!

What happen if I placed the wrong address and the item is already shipped out?
Asterliastudio by Sonya is not responsible for what happens to the mail. If it gets returned to the shop, you will be asked to repay the shipping or if you no longer want the item you can cancel the order and get a refund on the items. Shipping will not be refunded. Please make sure the address is spelled correctly and properly formatted to avoid this issue. 

What happen if my order came, but an item is missing?

Email Provide order number, name and address. List all the items missing. 

Either a replacement will be sent, or refund via store credit. 






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