Review Event

Things to know about the review promotion 


Submit 1 review= 1 Entry

Submit 1 review + (photo/video) = 2 Entry

You can submit more than 1 review for more entry. 

Prize: Free Stickers 

Who can enter?
Anyone who has the item. 

Can I enter even if I did not order from you directly, but happen to have the items?

Yes, but there are a few contingent. You must submit a photo or video for your entry to count for the giveaway. Any entry suspected of being unauthentic will be void. 

Is there any circumstances of entry being considered void?

Yes. In various scenarios, entry can be considered void. An example of a scenario is your review is suspected of being spam and  unauthentic. This is a case by case situation. 

How will you know that you won?
Via email. The only email that will contact you is Any other email is a fraud. You have three days to claim your prize and must send over your shipping information upon learning about prize. The prize will be sent via stamped shipping. You will not pay for shipping. 

When does it end?

May 30th winner will be contacted



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